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British Racecar is uniquely focused. Our mission is to present British race cars in greater technical detail than you'll find elsewhere. We include some pithy historical notes for context, but British Racecar is really all about design and construction, and about how cars have been specially built or modified for racing.

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David Russell-Wilks' MGB Racecar
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David Russell-Wilks' MGB Racecar

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40 Makes / 81 Models
Jeff Snook's Alexis Mk14 Jeff Snook
1968 Mk14
Bob Girvin's 1958 Allard GT Coupe Bob Girvin
1958 GT Coupe
Rachel Nelson's 1965 Austin Mini Cooper S Rachel Nelson
1965 Cooper S
Terry Milnes' 1966 Austin Mini Cooper S Terry Milnes
1966 Cooper S
Bruce McCalister's Austin Mini Cooper S Mk2 Bruce McCalister
1968 Cooper S
Austin Healey
Bill Thumel's 1954 Austin Healey 100 Bill Thumel
1954 100
Michael Bartell's 1956 Austin Healey 100M Michael Bartell
1956 100M
Randy Byboth's 1964 Austin Healey Sprite Randy Byboth
1964 Sprite
Nick Chamberlain's 1965 Austin Healey Sprite Nick Chamberlain
1965 Sprite
Al Murray's Brabham BT21 Al Murray
1967 BT21
Murray Sinclair's Brabham BT29 Murray Sinclair
1969 BT29
Brad Baker's Brabham BT30 Brad Baker
1969 BT30
Kurt DelBene's BRP-BRM Formula One Racecar Kurt DelBene
1964 BRP-BRM
Bob Machinist's Chevron B21 Racecar Bob Machinist
1972 B21
Cameron Healy's Cooper-Porsche / Pooper Cameron Healy
"Pooper" (~1954)
Jay Nadelson's Cooper T43 MkII Jay Nadelson
1957 T43
Mark Weatherup's Crossle 35F Mark Weatherup
1979 35F
Joe Dockman's 1960 Daimler SP250 Joe Dockman
1960 SP250
Larry Ligas' 1961 Daimler SP250 Larry Ligas
1961 SP250
Michael Oritt's 1959 Elva MkIV Michael Oritt
1959 MkIV
Bill Thumel's 1961 Elva Courier Bill Thumel
1961 Courier
Bernard Bradpiece 1963 Elva MkVII Bernard Bradpiece
1963 MkVII
Ford of Britain
 Walter Davies' 1971 Ford Escort RS1600 Walter Davies
1971 Escort RS1600
Craig Chima's 1964 Ginetta G4 Craig Chima
1964 G4
Michael Snowdon's GRD 272 Michael Snowdon
1972 272
Gord Leach's Hawke DL11 Gord Leach
1973 DL11
Terry Buffum's Jaguar XK-120, the Don Parkinson Special Terry Buffum
1950 XK-120
Parkinson Special
Bob Millstein's Jaguar XK-120, the Walt Hansgen Special Bob Millstein
1951 XK-120
Hansgen Special
Tivvy Shenton's 1955 Jaguar XK140 Tivvy Shenton
1955 XK140 FHC
Duncan Black's Lester MG Racecar Duncan Black
1949 T51 MG
Syd Silverman's Lister-Jaguar Syd Silverman
1959 Costin / Jag
Tom Grudovich's Lola Mark1 Tom Grudovich
1960 Sports Mk.1
Bill Thumel's Lola T70 Can-Am racecar Bill Thumel
1967 T70 Mk.3
Eric Haga's Lola T190 F5000 racecar Eric Haga
1970 T190
Kurt Fischer's Lola T200 Formula Ford Kurt Fischer
1970 T200
Seb Coppola's Lola T192 F5000 racecar Seb Coppola
1971 T192
Mead Korwin's Lola T192 F5000 racecar Mead Korwin
1971 T192
Walter Davies' Lola T492 S2000 racecar Walter Davies
1978 T492
Jeff Snook's Lotus Eleven Le Mans Racecar Jeff Snook
1956 Eleven
Le Mans
GlennStephens' Lotus Eleven Le Mans Racecar Glenn Stephens
1956 Eleven
Le Mans
Dudley Cunningham's Lotus 15 Racecar Dudley Cunningham
1959 15
Allen Fine's Lotus 18 Junior Marcus Jones
1960 18 Junior
Don Munoz's Lotus 23B Don Munoz
1962 23B
Dick Leehr's Lotus 51c Formula Ford racecar Dick Leehr
1968 51c
Kyle Kaulback's Lotus 61MX Formula Ford racecar Kyle Kaulback
1970 61MX
Dick Leehr's Lotus 69 Formula B racecar Kyle Kaulback
1971 69 (FB)
Robert Romanansky Macon MR7 Formula Ford racecar Bob Romanansky
1969 MR7
Jim Johnson's March 729 Formula Ford race car Jim Johnson
1972 729
Steve Cook's March 741 Formula One race car Steve Cook
1974 741
Justin Frick's March 822 Justin Frick
1982 March 822
Andy Seward's 1962 Marcos GT Andy Seward
1962 GT
Bob Polak's 1969 Mini Marcos Bob Polak
1969 Mini Marcos
Scott Hughes's McLaren M8F Can-Am racecar Scott Hughes
1973 M8F
Phil Mauger's McLaren M23 Formula One racecar Phil Mauger
1973 M23
Jim Stengel's McRae GM-1 Formula 5000 racecar Jim Stengel
1973 GM-1
Howard Freeman's Merlyn 11 Formula Ford racecar Howard Freeman
1968 Eleven
Bernard Bradpiece's Merlyn 11A Formula Ford race car Bernard Bradpiece
1969 11A
Dave Fairchild's Merlyn 11A Dave Fairchild
1969 11A
Neil McCready's Merlyn Mk20 racecar Neil McCready
1971 20
Dan Leonard's MG TC Special Dan Leonard
1949 TC Special
Joe Gunderson's MG EX186 Joe Gunderson
EX186 (~1958)
Kent Prather's 1962 MG MGA Kent Prather
1962 MGA
Harry Gentry's 1962 MG Midget Harry Gentry
1962 Midget
Mike Adams' 1962 MG MGB Mike Adams
1962 MGB
Michael Zappa's 1962 MG MGB Michael Zappa
1962 MGB
David Child's 1964 MG MGB David Child
1964 MGB
Marcus Jones' (ex Don Munoz) 1964 MG MGB Marcus Jones
1964 MGB
Mike Kusch's 1964 MG MGB Mike Kusch
1964 MGB
John Targett's 1964 MG MGB John Targett
1964 MGB
Alan Tosler's 1964 MG MGB Alan Tosler
1964 MGB
Rick Haynes' 1965 MG Midget Rick Haynes
1965 Midget
Don Dickey's Huffaker MGB Don Dickey
1965 MGB
David Russell-Wilks' 1965 MG MGB David Russell-Wilks
1965 MGB
Derek Chima's 1966 MG Midget Derek Chima
1966 Midget
Chuck Pitt's Spridget Chuck Pitt
1968 Midget
Ken Williamson's Sebring MGC Ken Williamson
1968 MGC GTS
James Bowler's MG MGBGTV8 James Bowler
1969 MGB GT V8
Shaun Holmes' MG MGCGT Shaun Holmes
1969 MGC GT
John McCue's 1972 MG Midget John McCue
1972 Midget
Simon Briggs' 1972 MG MGB Simon Briggs
1972 MGB
Keith Burnett's MG MGBGTV8 Keith Burnett
1972 MGB GT V8
StormField's MG MGBGTV8 Storm Field
1972 MGB GT V8
Jerry Richards' MG MGBGTV8 Jerry Richards
1972 MGB GT V8
Les Gonda's MG MGBGTV8 Les Gonda
1973 MGB GT V8
Eddie Beal's Huffaker MGB Eddie Beal
1978 MGB
Phil Leonard's 1992 MG RV8 Phil Leonard
1992 MG RV8
Carlton Shriver's 1938 Morgan 4-4 Carlton Shriver
1938 4-4
Harry Gaunt's 1956 Morgan Plus 4 Harry Gaunt
1956 Plus 4
Mark Rosenberg's 1959 Peerless GT Mark Rosenberg
1959 GT
Scott Fairchild's Royale RP3-A Formula Ford racecar Scott Fairchild
1972 RP3-A
Geoffrey Byrd's 1965 Sunbeam Tiger Geoffrey Byrd
1965 Tiger
Bill Bovenizer's Titan Mk3 Formula B racecar Bill Bovenizer
1968 MkIII
Andy Antipas' Titan Mk6 Formula Ford racecar Andy Antipas
1973 Mk6
Bob Wismer Tornado ThunderBolt Bob Wismer
ThunderBolt (circa: ~1960)
Bill Hart's 1957 Devin-Triumph Bill Hart
1957 Devin Spl.
George Wright's 1961 Triumph TR4 George Wright
1961 TR4
Richard Brown's 1964 Triumph Spitfire Richard Brown
1964 Spitfire
Pat Ryan's 1967 Triumph Spitfire Pat Ryan
1967 Spitfire
Scott Janzen's 1968 Triumph GT6 Scott Janzen
1968 GT6
Bill Hart's Triumph TR250 Special, the Kas Kastner / Peter Brock TR250K Bill Hart
1968 TR250 Special
Paul Bova's Turner Sports Mk1 Paul Bova
1959 Sports MkI
Vic Schuster's 1965 Turner MkIII Vic Schuster
1965 Sports MkIII
Dennis DeLap's 1967 TVR 2200 Special Dennis DeLap
1967 2200
Michael Zappa's 1969 TVR Tuscan Michael Zappa
1969 Tuscan
John Dimmer's 1971 Tyrrell 004 Formula One racecar John Dimmer
1971 004
Adopted Orphans ("We decided to declare these cars 'British enough' and include them here.")
Mike Knittel's Chinook Mk12 Formula 5000 racecar Chinook
Mike Knittel
1970 Mk12
Paul Dudiak's McKee Mk12 Formula A racecar McKee
Paul Dudiak
1969 Mk12
Ron Goldleaf's WRE Shadow Formula 5000 race car WRE
Ron Goldleaf
1968 Shadow

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